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In keeping with the AMHE mission of raising health awareness and providing healthcare to the underserved, the AMHE is endeavoring to build a Healthcare clinic in Darbone near Léogane, Haiti. The AMHE was the recipient of a patch of land donated by the Abellard family of Léogane to build the health clinic. The services will focus on key health areas such as: 1) Materno-Infantile care; 2) sickle cell screening; 3) HIV/AIDS prevention and care.

The project will be rolled out in 3 phases.

PHASE I – Building Construction

Health care is critical to the well-being of all populations. As a result of the 2010 earthquake, the City of Léogane suffered devastating blows. The destruction of its major hospital and other major infrastructures left the city inhabitant deprived of many basic services including healthcare. With the construction of the healthcare facility, the AMHE hope to bring to critical health services to the area.

The AMHE proposes to the build a 1800 square foot para-seismic facility offering 4 consulting rooms, 1 on-site laboratory of testing, etc. Considering, the challenges of the environment for energy services, the AMHE will build an energy independent facility that will be able to generate and renew its own energy. Solar windmill and Solar Panels will be used to supply renewable energy to the clinic. A water well will supply water to the clinic.

PHASE II – Furnishings and Staffing

In phase two, the AMHE will outfit the facility with the up to the minute furnishings and medical equipment, computers, medical and office equipment to ready the facility for operation.

The clinic will be staffed with medical professional with expertise in materno-infantility care, sickle cell expertise, and HIV/AIDS. The staffing will be as follows:
- 1 General practitioner
- 1 Pediatrician
- 1 Sickle cell specialist
- 1 Lab Technician
- 1 Pharmacist
- 2 nurses
- 1 facility custodian
- 1 facility security
- 1 administrative assistant

The clinic hours of operation will be:
Monday through Friday 8:00am to 4:00pm
Saturday 8:00am to 2:00pm

PHASE III – Health Screening

Materno-Infantile care and Sickle Cell Screening

HIV/AIDS care and Screening

Using telemedicine and Tele-pathology the health clinic will have access to a wide network of qualified physicians, hematologists, pediatricians for diagnosis and follow up. The AMHE network will offer awareness workshops, distance education, visiting physicians, and health screening services.

The facility will feature:
- 4 medical screening rooms
- 1 onsite laboratory
- 1 pharmacy
- 1 large waiting room
- 1 conference room
- 1 administrative office
- 5 restrooms
- 1 cafeteria


  Floor Plan - View 1
  View 2

Donations to the AMHE-Abellard Health Clinic in Darbone-Léogane are being accepted. Please write check for your charitable donations to: AMHE Foundation. In the check memo, please mark your donation as “Darbone-Léogane Health Clinic” donation.
Mail to:
AMHE, Incorporated
1166 Eastern Parkway
2nd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11213
Tel (718) 245-1015 - Fax: (718)-735-8015

For more information about the project, please contact our Executive Director:
M. Michaël Débrosse-Bruno, BS, MBA-ISMA
Phone: 202-681-3506 email: mdbruno@amhecec.org


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