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AMHE inc. - Central Executive Committee 2017-2019
Dr. Roosevelt CLerisme, President
Dr. Pierre-Paul Cadet, President-Elect
Dr. Karl Latortue, Vice-President
Dr. Anthony Solages, Treasurer
Dr. Jean Rony Jean-Mary, Secretary
Dr. Mario St Laurent , Assistant Secretary
Dr. Harold Laroche , Assistant Treasurer
Marie Michael Debrosse-Bruno, Executive Director, BS, MBA-ISMA
Dr. Serge Pierre-Louis, Immediate Past President


AMHE inc. - Central Executive Committee 2015-2017
Dr. JC Serge Pierre-Louis, President
Dr. Paul Nacier, President-Elect
Dr. Micheline Lerebourgs Dole, Vice-President
Dr. Anthony Solages, Treasurer
Dr. Jean Rony Jean-Mary, Secretary
Dr. Jean Roosevelt Clerisme, Assistant Secretary
Dr. Mario Saint-Laurent, Assistant Treasurer
Marie Michael Debrosse-Bruno, Executive Director, BS, MBA-ISMA
Dr. Maxime Coles, Immediate Past President


AMHE inc. - Central Executive Committee 2013-2015 (past)
President Maxime J-M Coles, MD 
President-elect Serge JC Pierre-Louis,  MD
Vice President Reynald Altema,  MD
General Secretary Jean Rony Jean Mary, MD
Assistant Secretary Louis Auguste,  MD
Treasurer Karl Latortue, MD
Assistant-Treasurer Mark Vital-Herne, MD
Past President Pierre-Paul Cadet, MD


AMHE inc. - Central Executive Committee (past)
President Dr Joseph Pierre-Paul Cadet
President-elect Dr Maxime Coles
Vice President Dr Serge Pierre-Louis
General Secretary Dr Karl Latortue
Assistant Secretary Dr Yvan Ducheine
Treasurer Dr Frantz Moise
Assistant-Treasurer Dr Alix Dufresne
Past President Dr Christian Lauriston


AMHE inc. - Central Executive Committee (past)
President Dr Christian Lauriston
1st Vice President Dr Pierre Paul Cadet
2nd Vice President Dr. Maxime Coles
Secretary Dr Roger Lahens
1st Assistant Secretary Dr Yvan Ducheine
2nd Assistant Secretary Dr Herold Merisier
Treasurer Dr Frantz Moise
Assistant Treasurer Dr Mildred Olivier
Past President Dr Eric Jerome


Officers - Washington/Baltimore Chapter
President Emmanuel Francois, MD
Secretary Berthie Labissière, DPM


Officers - Chicago Chapter
President Serge JC Pierre-Louis, MD
Secretary Myriame Casimir, MD
Treasurer Antonio Senat, MD
Member Douge Barthelemy, MD
Associate-Member Elsie Hernandez, RN
Member Christine Sajous, MD


Officers - New Orleans Chapter
President Dr Daniel Bouchette
1st Vice President Dr Farere Dyer
2nd Vice President Dr Lyonel Guillaume
Secretary Dr Arlette Delcam
Assistant Secretary Dr Charles Rene
Treasurer Dr Charles Louis


Officers - Montreal Chapter 2017-2019
Président Dr Schiller Castor
1er Vice Président Dre Christine Camille
2ème Vice Président Dr Harry Duroseau
Trésoriere Dr Emmanuel Patrice Valcin
Trésoriere-adjointe Dre Jona Destiné
Secrétaire Dr Anderson Joseph
Secrétaire adjointe Dre Déjanire Azor
Past President Dr Harry-Max Prochette


Officers - New Jersey Chapter
President Dr. Herve Boucard 
1st Vice President Dr. Pierre Leger 
2nd Vice President Dr. Vasthy Jean-Louis
Secretary Dr. Guy Prosper
1st Assistant Secretary Dr. Marie Alix Cave
2st Assistant Secretary Dr. Yvelyne Abellard
Treasurer Dr. Stanley Jean-Romain
Past President Dr. Margaret Olibrice Saint-Fleur
The Electoral Committee
Serge Bontemps, MD
Reynald Altema,  MD
Louis  Sangosse,  MD


Officers - New York Chapter
President Herold Dureseau, MD
1st Vice President Jose Michel Charles, MD
2nd Vice President Karl Latortue, MD
Treasurer Lucien Denis Mocombe, MD
Assistant Treasurer Mary Dupuyton, MD
Secretary Linda Bastien, MD
Assistant Secretary Jean Robert Chey, MD
Chief Academics Activities Kethy Elysee, MD
Associate Chief Academics Activities Dolce Dalmacy, MD
Past president Micheline Dole, MD
ADVISORS Maxime Coles, MD
  Eric Jerome, MD
  Paul Nacier, MD
  George Casimir, MD (not confirmed)
  Jean Bernard, MD (not confirmed)
  Willy Jordonne, MD
  Daniel Charles Dume, MD
  Rochelin Fleurgin, MD


Officers - South Florida Chapter 2017-2019
President Rony Jean Mary, MD
1st Vice President Angelo Gousse, MD
2nd Vice President Barbara Raphael, MD
Secretary Leon Gedeon, MD
1st Assistant Secretary Robinson Jeanmarie, MD
2st Assistant Secretary Gabriel Nelson, MD
Treasurer Nancy Calixthe, MD
Assistant Treasurer Lans Clones, MD
Immediate Past President Carmel Barreau, MD
Adviser at Large Francelot Moise, MD


Officers - Saint-Louis Chapter
President Dr Jean Alfred Thomas
Vice President Dr Wilson Bourjolly
Secretary Dr Nicole Delsoin
Counsel Dr Rulx Charles
Counsel Dr François Charles>



Ne figurent pas sur la photo: Dr Yvan Ducheine, Dr Mildred Olivier, Dr Eric Jerome, Dr Herold Merisier


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