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Empower the underserved population of Léogâne, Haiti, through health awareness to achieve prevention and treatment of sickle cell and other health conditions.

Who we are

The Association of Haitian Physicians Abroad (AMHE) was founded in August 1972 by a group of Haitian physicians. To date, the association counts eight chapters in the United States, Canada, and in Haiti. The mission of the Association is to provide its members a conduit to address the medical needs and concerns of the Haitian community at home and abroad. The association Vision is to empower the those communities through health awareness to achieve prevention and treatment of medical conditions. Building clinics is a crucial part of this mission.

Why do we need a Sickle Cell Clinic

AMHE needs your support to build the first, fully operational sickle cell clinic in Léogâne, Haiti by 2016. Léogâne, Haiti is better known as the epicenter of the 2010 earthquake that caused immense damage in Haiti and completely destroyed the city.

According to World Bank group data in 2011, Haiti Life expectancy at birth is 62.06. However, studies found that life expectancy for people with sickle cell is considerably lower: between forty to fifty years. Awareness and treatment of the condition can improve health so that sickle cell patients can experience better quality of life and can live well into their eighties.

It will make a difference between life and death for a great many people.

What You Get

For a donation of $100.00 minimum, you will receive a beautifully packaged set of two natural handmade soaps with AMHE inscription.

We will keep you abreast of the project progress and inform you when the clinic is operational.

The Impact

Giving Health Equates to Building Wealth (Giving Health = Building Wealth)!

When built and equipped, the Clinic will bring needed relief to the underserved population of Léogâne thus greatly improving their health and living conditions of the children's especially and gradually lifting them out of poverty.

Sickle cell is a disorder characterized by the formation of abnormal red blood cells. In patients with this condition, the red blood cells display a sickle shape and are deprived of oxygen. As a result, the red blood cells die prematurely and are unable to reproduce quickly enough likely causing anemic episodes which can be accompanied by pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, and delayed growth and development in the patient. Sickle cell severity can vary from mild to severe and from one patient to another. In the more severe cases, patients require hospitalization and are subject to complications. Although there are many populations affected by this condition throughout the world, those living in least developed and developing countries are at greater risk of dying from the disease due to scarce health resources, inadequate access to health care, and lack of appropriate health education and awareness programs (NIH, 2014).

• In two separate studies conducted in the North and the South sides of Haiti, a significant percentage of the Haitian population was found to carry the sickle cell prototype.
• In Léogâne, Haiti, a study of 1129 subjects revealed that as many as 15% of the population carries the deficient cell or show signs of the disease .

Other Ways You Can Help

You can support this project in many ways:

• Tell your family to visit and contribute.
• Tell your friends to visit this page and encourage them to support.
• Come back to visit and contribute often.

And that’s all there is to it.

To make your donation to the Sickle Cell Clinic,
please be sure to select "Sickle Cell Clinic" for your donation.


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