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Eddy Moise MD

Eddy n’est plus de ce monde mais il nous a quitte des reliques artistiques d’une valeur extraordinaire. Rares sont ceux qui l’ont connu peintre. Il est de la promotion de 1971, une de ces promotions qui a porte le nom de l’ancient president Jean Claude Duvalier.
Il a fait une residence en Anesthesiology en Haiti, a L’Universite d’Etat d’Haiti et s’est rendu aux Etats Unis pour parfaire ses etudes. Il a eu cette chance d’oeuvrer toute sa vie dans la specialite de son choix. Il a pioche et finalement obtenu une position de Medecin de Service en Anesthesiology a New-York University Hospital.
Il etait un fanatique du baseball alors qu’il n’avait jamais pratique ce sport. A vrai dire, il se sentait tellement bien dans ces stades aeres qui lui permettaient d’etre un temoin occulaire, qu’il n’hesitait pas a conduire de longues heures pour assister a un match. Il connaissait tous les reglements du sport et il nous faisait entendre les details, malgre que beaucoup d’entre nous et surtout nos aines comme Sylvio Cator, aient refuse de le pratiquer en reaction a l’occupation Americaine de notre pays. Nul ne sait le pourquoi, mais c’etait son “Hobby”.
Mieux encore, peu de nous savent qu’il etait aussi un artiste accompli. Alors qu’il pratiquait la Medecine, il s’etait forge un temps de s’exprimer dans l’art de la peinture. Il s’est laisse influencer par Patrick WAH d’abord et plus tard par Henry Dubreuil, deux de nos fameux peintres qui ont guide ses pas. En effet, Eddy etait un artist et la AMHE prend un immemse plaisir a exposer quelques unes de ses toiles sur le site de la AMHE.
Eddy Moise MD vit a travers son oeuvre.

Maxime Coles MD (4-4-2020)

Marc-Antoine Gaston

Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on July 17, 1960, the youngest of a family of four; I migrated to the United States in August of 1980.  I attended Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey where I earned my BFA in 1985 and my MFA in 1987.   As a graduate student, I was awarded a teaching assistant position and taught photography for two years; as such, I was privileged to study under some prominent artists such as Leon Golub, Melvin Edwards, and Emma Amos. I have shown my work in New York, New Jersey, California, Georgia and Haiti. I am currently an art educator in the state of New Jersey.
My art can be categorized under the school of socio-realism.  The dominant forces in my work are the varied issues that we grapple with as a society. Sprinkled in this artistic mix, are some elements of surrealism. This tapestry helps in the juxtaposition of shapes and colors and gives me the liberty to be as ambiguous as I may want to be without compromising neither form nor content.
Art is my safest venue to convey my thoughts and feelings without any fear or reservation. My role as an artist is to visually challenge my viewers and engage them in a civil discourse that goes beyond the visual. My work in many ways echoes my surrounding.
Dr. Michele David
Creole Creations
Ludner Confident
Louis Bernard Antoine MD, artist-painter


Psychiatrist by day and artist by night:
Louis Bernard Antoine was born in Roche-a-Bateau, Haiti. After receiving his medical degree at the “Faculte de Medecine et de Pharmacie” in Port-au-Prince, he migrated to the States in the late 70s to pursue residency training ion Pediatrics and in Child Psychiatry.
When Dr. Antoine is not seeing mentally ill patients at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami Dade or at Memorial Hospital in Broward, he is probably holding his brush in front of a canvas mixing colors and creating shapes or trying to recreate the image of historical figures who have marked his life or better yet he might holding a pen and playing with words until he finds “le mot juste” to fit into his poems or his prose.
Dr. Antoine believes life is better when lived to the fullest and when one allows art to shape it and spice it up.

The complexity of human nature is not a concept that is easy to describe No matter the path that one choses in life, it is a challenge to peel away the layers of the wonderful world that surrounds us.
Looking back at my own personal history it is quite a toil to identify every thread, every shade or nuance that goes into the multicolored cloak that makes me who I am.
My quest for answer seems stuck on me from my very first breath. So many times, I have heard from my late mother the story about my complicated childbirth. I could hear her voice filled with love repeating in amazement “Ben! Ou pat supoze la” (Ben, you were not supposed to be here”). And the story about the long trek of the midwife coming down the country roads of my small town Roche-a-Bateau to my rescue would be repeated over and over.
But here I am!
For all of those who do not have the words to describe what they see, I wish to use the coded language of the poet to speak
For all of those who take pleasure in basking in the colors and shades that surround them, I will use the strokes of my brush to recreate the beauty of the world.
While some of us are just content to look around and contemplate, the artist has an irresistible itch. He feels that he has to make a valiant attempt to recreate what the Maker has so perfectly created.
Is it that every artist has a God’s complex?
Is it a sequela of the original sin when Man stood in defiance of the edict of an all-powerful God?
Michael Angelo, Vermeer, Leonardo Da Vinci, or Salvador Dali could never be contained
Who does not marvel at the splendor of the sun descending on the cobalt Caribbean seas?
Who has not jumped in excitement at the sight of flocks of Egyptian gheese flying in perfect formation?
Yes! It is a challenge for every artist to catch and recreate scenes where sounds and colors seem to merge in an orgiastic kaleidoscope that never seems to end.
With each stroke, the artist realigns, resets, and creates windows of the nature in all its splendor and magnificence , catching every twist and gyration. With each stroke, the artist hopes to move an inch closer to his true aspiration and his ultimate goal that is to re-create the world at his own image.
That is indeed the artist’s curse!


Jwet mab

Pope Francis

School girls

Trophy Girl

Cardinal Langlois

Dal Lama


Market day

Sailing boat

Shoes shiner

The reading girl
Jean-Claude Fanfan MD, artist-painter

Peintures Profondes De Fanfan II

Jean-Claude Fanfan peint sous le nom de FANFAN II, en mémoire de son fils Jean Claude Fanfan Junior également peintre et qui perdit la vie dans un accident de voiture aux USA.

Ses tableaux, sont très appréciés, à New York, Paris, Miami, Californie, Gambie, Nouvelle Orléans et Haïti, pour leur richesse en couleur et pour la subtilité des messages qu’ils contiennent. En tant qu’artiste, historien et chercheur, il ne rate jamais l’occasion de promouvoir l’histoire et la culture d’Haïti dans tous les milieux.
Ex representant d’Haiti pres de l’Institut Haitien de l’Enfance de l’O.E. A, Il fait partie des ambassadeurs de la culture haïtienne.

Jean-Claude Fanfan est médecin de profession. Il est spécialiste en chirurgie digestive et détient une maîtrise en Santé Publique. Il est aussi éducateur, musicien, compositeur, poète, dramaturge, acteur, écrivain et théologien. Ses contributions dans différents domaines lui ont permis de recevoir des plaques de distinctions.

L’ensemble de ses tableaux porte remarquablement, les empreintes de ses connaissances dans diverses disciplines. Il utilise son art pour dynamiser ses conférences et ses séances d’éducation.
Ses tableaux sont les illustrations des chapitres sur le sujet qu’il expose. Les collectionneurs de Fanfan II prennent plaisir à promener leurs invités devant leur mur garni de tableaux de 8 x10 cm pour leur raconter les passionnantes histoires qu’ils illustrent ou pour leur lire les poèmes correspondants. La presse qualifie ses expositions de « bibliothèque murale ».
La rigueur des sujets présentés dans chaque tableau est cependant égayée par des fantaisies artistiques et par l’éclat des couleurs vives et choisies harmonieusement.
Il commenta ainsi à la presse sur ce melange de rigeur et de fantaisies : « La peinture est l’expression d’une réalité virtuelle, née des émotions de l’artiste, face des idées, des êtres et des choses réelles qui l’impressionnent. »

Fabien Wesner Fleurant MD, artist-painter
"Autumn Splendor".
Acrylic on paper 12"x12"
  "Cool n' daylight".
Acrylic on paper 30"x24"
  "Clair Obscur".
Acrylic on paper 24"x18"
"Only Listening"
Charcoal 14"x11"
Acrylic on canvas 24"x24"
  "Floating profiles"
Acrylic on canvas 30"x24"
"Earthquake 2010"
Acrylic on arch paper 14"x11"
  "Lunacy (var.I) "
mixed media on canvas 40"x30"
  "Sunset piercing through the Storm"
Acrylic on paper 18"x14"


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