The Journal of the AMHE « JAMHE » is the scholarly professional and scientific publication of the Haitian Medical Association in North America. Its mission is to facilitate the dissemination of well written research papers in all branches of the Health Sciences. As implied in its title, JAMHE pretends to be the first publication to be queried in any search on aspects of Global Health pertaining to but not limited to Clinical Medicine and Public Health, Organizational and Health Economics theories as practiced in the Global South. As such, JAHME editorial Board welcomes articles covering the teaching and practice of Health Sciences in resources-limited countries such as the tropical areas, or in low income areas of first world countries such as in certain regions of United States. Hence, we are inviting healthcare professionals at any level, to submit research papers about their experience in meeting the challenges of teaching and practicing Medicine from the basic sciences all the way to the tertiary specialties in low income environment. Articles on Environmental Health, Infectious and Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Gerontology and Behavioral Medicine, are welcome. Health Economics Researches in algorithms for optimal allocation of resources between various sectors of health expenditures in low income countries are of heightened value to the editorial board. Data collected on practical methods pertaining to the dissemination of first world medicine to low income societies such as reports on medical missions around the world, on Artificial Intelligence, on AI enhanced Telemedicine, etc. are specially significant to our readers. Briefly, JAMHE editors are particularly interested in Technology applications designed to enable access of first world medicine to all inhabitants, with the specific goal of narrowing the gap in health indices between inhabitants of the First World and those of the Global South.

Maxime Coles MD

AMHE - Association Médicale Haïtienne à l’Étranger - Haitian Medical Association Abroad
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