Dear AMHE and AMH members
Dear Officials of the Bahamian government
Dear members of the Haitian delegations of the Health Department and Red Cross
Dear participants and friends

I want to take the opportunity to welcome you all at the 41st annual convention of the AMHE. This year, we have chosen the site Atlantis Resort hotel to conduct our activities during the week 20-27 of July 2014.

We will enlighten you on the new scientific advances in the field of Medicine. The president of the AMHE Chapter of Montreal, Marie Francoise Megie MD and the Vice-President of the central Executive Committee, Reynaldo Altema MD with the support of the scientific committee for the convention, built an excellent program to teach to the participants the up-to- date novelties in different specialties.

We want to thank the Ambassador Antonio Rodrigue for his devotion to the Haitian Cause and for his participation at the realization of the “Medical Fair” looking at bringing medical care to our fellows Haitians who live in difficult conditions on the Islands of Bahamas. We want to thank him also for rendering possible the contacts with the Bahamian government.

A special welcome goes to the members of AMH, the representatives of the Haitian Health Minister, The Haitian Red Cross delegation, for their support and participation at our annual convention. We know well that this is a way for us to tighten our bounds and deal better with the problems of our country healthcare.

We thank the AMHE members who took free time from their daily living activities of their private practice to support the activities of the Association. I know this have not been easy with the actual state of the healthcare system in the States. Many of us presently in solo practice will meet the challenges in competing with Hospitals and medical Corporations more stable. We know how these institutions are trying to absorb smaller and weaker practices. Many will become employees of these institutions and we can’t stay to long out of the loop.

This is in some words what I wanted to express. Welcome to all. May we live a week in the spirit of a renewed friendship, in an atmosphere of Joy and mutual respect. Then we will have the satisfaction in knowing that we would have accomplished our mission.



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