Follow-up to the 41st Annual Congress at the Bahamas
Thanks  and CMEs

The organizing committee of the 41st AMHE Annual Congress wants to thank you for your participation. The feedback received from the evaluation sheets tells us that the academic, social activities as well as the Health Fair were well appreciated.

The meals on certain days were wanting. The committee took note and this will be useful for the future.

To make it a seamless endeavor, we are sending you this helping guide to easily obtain your CME credits awarded by l’Université de Montréal on its website.

Do this ASAP as there is a time limit to access the certificate online.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

For the organizing committee,

Dr Reynald Altema, Vice President, AMHE Executive Council.

How to obtain your CMEs.

1-Go to the website:
2-Click on the window that says “Consulter mes attestations/credits.” It will be on the right.
3-Click on “non-membre” and at the next window, write your email address (couriel). Make sure you write the one you gave us at the convention or else you will get a message “ce couriel n’existe pas.”
4-You will receive a temporary password by email and there will be this link:
5-Click on the link and include the password sent to you. Make sure you type it exactly as it is written. It is case sensitive.
6-You will be prompted to enter you email address (couriel) and password.
7-This will open you CME certificate and then you print it.

Voila, that is it!


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