AMHE April 17-18, 2015 ” Mini congress ” Melville , NY

Welcome / opening remarks As the chair of the board and more important as your servant, I am humbled to have the opportunity to welcome you this afternoon to this “mini congres”, a gathering of true believers in the ideals of  the AMHE. In 1972 , Dr. Lionel Laine and consorts gave birth to ” l’Association des Medecins Haitiens a l’Etranger “. After 43 years including 2 attempts to revive the association (the first one in April 1993 with the NY mini congres and the second one in 2002 with the Maryland retreat), the association is still facing major challenges : a declining membership, dysfunctional chapters , questionable relations with Haiti, dysatisfied members and so forth. The board of the AMHE is calling on you, faithful members, present and not present, to renew the Association through a series of brainstorming sessions during this mini congress. With this mini congress, we hope to revive and strengthen the AMHE as we continue to build upon the work that has been done since it inception.
Thank you.
May God bless AMHE.
Ducarmel Augustin, M.D Chairman of the Board

The AMHE Board of Trustees thanks all of you who have attended the Mini-Congress…

The AMHE Board of trustees thank you for your participation at the April 17-18, 2015 Mini-Congress.  Without your presence, the mini-congress would not have been possible.
The short week end packed several productive workshops sessions.  We especially thank the presenters:
- Dr. Henriot St Gerard – Bylaws
- Dr. Jean Rony Jean Mary – Annual Convention
- Ms. Michael Debrosse-Bruno – Grants Management, and Membership Recruiting and Retention
- Dr. Karl Latortue – Finances
- Dr. Maxime Coles – Relationship with Haiti
- Dr. JC Serge Pierre-Louis – Focus group and SWOT Analysis.

We gathered some valuable information from the lively discussions that followed each of the presentations.  Although we were few at the mini-congress your contribution is no less valuable.  Your input and contribution will be used to produce the mini-congress proceedings within the next two three weeks.  The proceedings will be shared with the participants and the AMHE community at large.  We will also send you additional information about the next steps AMHE will take to integrate your feedback in AMHE’s upcoming Strategic Plan.

As part of our future plan, the AMHE leadership wishes to embark on a process of continuous improvement of the Association.  To this end, you will soon receive a Mini-Congress Participants’ Satisfaction Survey.  We urge you to kindly respond to the survey.  Your honest and constructive feedback will help us improve the delivery of future AMHE events of this sort.

Again we are grateful and thankful to everyone who participated at the Mini-Congress for a “Renewed AMHE” and we look forward to your continued engagement and support.

Ducarmel Augustin, MD
Chairman of the Board of Trustees

J.M. Frantz Hyacinthe, MD

NOTE: Care has been taken to include all names figuring on the Mini-Congress sign in sheet.  I your name is missing an you participated, please kindly send me a note about the omission.  mmdbruno


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