Fabien Wesner Fleurant  MD, artist-painter

Fabien Wesner ( Wes) had taken the brush since dropping the surgeon scalpel. Though he participates quite frequently in many exhibits, very few  close friends have been privy of his works, reluctant of publicity he has not yet put up and publish them in a web site.
J- AMHE  does indeed get here a primeur.
FWF is among the founding members of the AMHE/ our Organization, a member of the original CEC and New York Chapter, publisher of the Bulletin  of AMHE, first Chairman of the Board of Trustees (1979-1986) and proudly carry his mantle and enjoy his statute of dinosaur…

Art Education
He Started with Jn Claude Garoute,Tiga, the Haitian master and innovator of the technique of “Soleil Brule”, then continued his studies at The Art Students League of New York, the Pelham Art Center, the NSU Art Museum Art+Design School, Ft-Lauderdale, and Fat Village Center for the Arts, Ft Lauderdale, studies enhanced by many work shops and tutorials.

His paintings have been exhibited in New York City at the Art Students  League’s Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery, the New Century Gallery,Chelsea NY, the Manhattan Borough President’s Office, Fordham University Prep 6th Annual Exhibit; In Westchester  County, at the New Rochelle Art Association, New Rochelle Library, the New Rochelle Council on the Arts Community Exhibit the Mayor’s Office, the Mamaroneck Artist Guild Gallery, the Mamaroneck Town Center; at the Wheelhorse Gallery, Greenwich, CT, The Focal Point Gallery, City Island , Bronx and many others local Galleries; in Florida at the Fat Village  Center for the Arts, Ft Lauderdale. Florida.
He (FWF)  is a member of  several  Art Organizations and had won many awards and recognitions.

Artist Statement
Since my early drawing lessons in my youth, painting have  been a constant interet, either visiting galleries, attending opening exhibits or collecting. Le Centre d’Art in 1943, had been a revelation, the spark ingniting my passion for the visual art . Later as surgeon, now retired from cutting, sawing, reshaping guts, remodeling or rerouting blood vessels…artistic expressions had again been a part and parcel of my work in the art of healing. Forms and functions had always been components of my work and results are predictably been as good as the work in the making,  the operation, the task at hand. Consequently, painting continues to represent not an escape, an evasion but an affirmation, a wordless expression of inner self, either lofty peaceful purer ideas or earthly inquietudes and desires.

Art  with a purpose, deep feelings and expression of genuine concerns
A few pieces, samples of a large body of works— too many unfinished, works in progress subject to  periodic retouch, revision  (and destruction!) —are presented here. These works are  permeated with the idea of art not uniquely dilettante, even a depiction of an internal struggle with  the concept of art as relevant, “engaged” ,  echoing the pronouncement of a radical activist :.”I do not understand an art ..that is not an “art-arm”..enounciating, a sense of purpose, relevance and responsibility. A reminder of Picasso’s Guernica.
Haunted by the wretched pictures of the 2010 devastating event in Haiti the painting “Earthquake 2010,” (photo #7) is a wrenching depiction of the catastrophic deaths and destruction caused by the earthquake. The unedited gruesome and ghastly photographs and videos of  this event stroke deep and painful emotions and left chilling scars on the psyche. This painting represents a cry with the “Unknowns”  buried under the rubles, shedding black and gray  tears on canvas, modulated by those ragged brush strokes and uneven knife blotches…
In all these works, details are not of paramount feature and importance, whether  the scene was a stormy sunset with gush of  gusting winds and shattered clouds or the turmoils, the travail, the depiction of a tormented dawn still uncertain.. This is as far realistic representations find their  place and that the viewer can discern and imagine in these paintings.
Behind the warm palette of intruding colors, of bright reds and oranges forcing their way into the background or the painting of a “Sunset piercing through stormy clouds”(photo# 9) and bouleversement pepering  the horizon; or the serene, bucholic “Autumn Splendor” (photo #1) persist a reiterative expression of deep feelings, a constant purpose and nagging concerns.
Connecting with his Haitian roots FWF ambitions to push further than the educated, “savant”, beautifully stylized utilization and representation of themes, vistas, inspirations drawn from our terroir and folklore, matrix of the works of our beloved and acclaimed Haitian masters, and to incorporate those pictorial constructions, redirect those “vibrations”  into new concepts and technique of abstract expression, into evolving sensibilities.

9 painting of Wesner Fleurant MD


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