Mission, Vision, Membership Application

Dear AMHE Members,

We’re  delighted to introduce to you Haiti United in Health ( HUH ), an organization dedicated to the improvement of healthcare in Haiti.  Attached is a copy of HUH mission and vision.  We are soliciting your participation and support to reach our goal.  There are many ways you may support us:

a) You may become a member if you agree with our mission statement and vision.  If you wish to do so, please fill out the attached form and return it either by mail to our address or by email to one of our officers.

b) You may become an associate member by financially supporting our missions.

c) You may support our missions by financing or donating medical supplies.  Please contact us with your information and a member will get in touch with you at your convenience.

d) Additionally, you may spread the word.  Let family members, friends, and colleagues know about us and our work.  Encourage them to participate or support us.  Currently, we need medical personnel such as surgeons, ophthalmologists, pediatricians, anesthesiologists, general practitioners, nurses, and support personnel in general to complete our team for the next mission.

HUH as an organization dedicated to the betterment of Leogane and surrounding areas, has already completed two successful medical missions at Hopital Sainte Croix de Leogane.  In the midst of preparing our next mission, we are especially counting on your suggestions, participation, and support to implement our vision.

Yvrose Vincent for the Executive Committee

4849 Lake Worth Road
Green Acres, Fl 33463


2. Mission:  As a secular, non-profit, humanitarian organization, Haiti United in Health mission is to promote, educate, and administer health services to the population living mainly in Leogane, Haiti and its surrounding areas.

3.  Haiti United in Health intends to engage in various humanitarian and charitable activities in the United States and in Haiti, to raise fund, promote its mission, and appoint members in servicing the underprivileged within Leogane and its surrounding communities.  In collaboration with Haitian and International leaders in diverse fields both in Haiti and the world, we envision to create a link with established health institutions as well as developing mobile clinics to educate and provide preventive medicine, acute, and chronic care.

4. The organization shall be governed by a board which consists of a President, a Secretary, Treasurer, and a Registered Agent.

5.  Membership: HUH recognizes as member any person who applies for membership, shares the association’s philosophy, and subscribes to the humanism and generosity expressed in the organization’s mission and pledges to uphold its by-laws.

6. To cover organizational and mission expenses, a full membership fee of $200.00 is collected yearly as well as an associate membership of $100.00 yearly.  Donations are also accepted from friends and associates who adhere to our mission.

Ducarmel Augustin, M.D.
David Abellard, M.D.
Yvrose Vincent,
Frantz Python,
Registered Agent


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