JULY 2016

This program is part of AMHE medical relief mission or effort in Haiti. This  AMHE graduate program was established in 2007 as a contribution to upgrade the medical education at HUEH, and JUH.The aim is to “bring about meaningful and lasting changes in the health system” (Louis Auguste) in Haiti. This is a 2-3 month  observational  clinical rotation in different services at some medical centers in the USA. The partners are SIMACT(Dr L Kernisant),AMHE foundation, The Brooklyn hospital (Dr P Leblanc,Dr L Pierre), IMC ( Dr E Jerome ,Dr A Dufresne),Dr Maxime Coles in Orthopedics and most recently   Dr Ernest Garcon in Radiology at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. The candidates are selected  by the dean of the medical school at  HUEH or the medical director at JUH.

Close to 70 residents have successfully rotated trough the program with praise and satisfaction. Their reports have been published in the AMHE e-news letter, residents corner.

Lodging and meal cards  are courtesy of TBH. Transportation fees between medical centers and other miscellaneous  expenses are  AMHE obligations.

AMHE funds for the program are depleted. The continuity of the program is at stake.
We plan to make a survey of the residents who have been through the program to know the impact of the rotation on their medical practice . We want to know if there has been any positive and lasting change even minimal  on the health system.

We  encourage the involvement or inclusion of other medical centers,a more active participation  of AMHE membership,and a financial commitment for the continuity of the rotation.


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  1. For the first time I got to know that much about this program. I have undertaken similar activities with Boston University.
    We should join forces.
    Dr Jean-Charles

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