Words of the Editor of the AMHE Newsletter
Maxime Coles MD

The impact of the Haitian Revolution on the world has been such that many countries were inspired by the courage of our Fathers and if there is one single act we value most, it is the Freedom we enjoyed since 1804.

This revolt against the Colonialism expressed the desire of our Fathers, to voice their rights again abuses they were submitted to during the time of Slavery. Our revolution was followed all over the world and Countries which were willing to rise against the Oppressors, found their way to the shores of Haiti, looking for help.

It is not surprising that when Napoleon invaded Spain and captured their King, Francisco Miranda and Simon Bolivar turned naturally to Haiti in 1806 and 1807 for help in search of independence for Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and other South American countries. We provided manpower, arms, money, and material to facilitate their quest for Freedom in their fight and in return they kept promises to our Fathers to liberate millions of slaves working on plantations.

Haiti inspired Greece in their fight for Independence and if we were unable to provide manpower, we gave food, money, and arms to assure a successful outcome of their revolution in 1821. Then, through the voice of their elegant princess Marina of Greece who was sent as an envoy, Haiti received the personal thanks of the King of Greece.

We have inspired many countries in the Caribbean countries looking for better tomorrow.

Belgium shares our Slogan: “L’union, c’est la Force” proudly placed on their flag as a token of recognition to the courage of our ancestors.

The United States is the most powerful country of the world presently but they will have to remember that it is because of 500 Haitians soldiers who fought under the orders of General Lafayette in the decisive battle of Savannah, GA during the Revolutionary war in 1779 to gain Freedom and Independence from the British. Among the soldiers, a young 14-year-old drummer, on the battlefield, left his blood and grew up to become King Henry Christophe, one of our proud ancestor.

Indeed, the United States will have to remember that hundred more valiant Haitian soldiers returned to fight back with the American army to stop another attempt of the British to regain the lost colony, during the battle of New Orleans in 1814.

It is well known that our victory on the French Imperialism and Napoleon Bonaparte armies in 1804 has allowed the United States to double their size with the inexpensive purchase of the Louisiana Territory directly related to Haiti rise to Independence.

Haiti has contributed to the prosperity of the United States of America in all fields. Many of our professionals have prospered in this adopted country and became successful. Generations of Haitians and their kids are proud to be American of Haitian descent. We have given back to a country which has received us with open arms. If we have benefited from our great neighbor protection and generosity in the Homeland, we have also been exploited, invaded and humiliated. Haiti may be a “Shithole” but it is because the United States of America has created it and allowed it to happen. A representative of such powerful country should not be proud of repeating it so openly. We know fairly well that does not represent the view of the American People but Racism is always in the heart of the one who believes they can be so offensive.

Haitians are resilient and no such comment can deter us.We will remain proud of being what we are. We will succeed in reaching our goals but It is shameful that we can hear it from an elected representative of an entire nation for which we thrive. We may be Haitians, Nigerians, all Africans, all Hispanics, all Caucasians, all people of America but we will overtly condemn such childish remarks and pray for a better unification of the Land.

God bless America. God bless the United States of America. God bless Haiti.

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