Words of the Editor:
on a successful medical mission in Cap Haiti at Justinien Hospital.

Another medical mission at Justinien Hospital, from Feb 24Th to March 3rd 2018, after months of preparation, is over. The officials of the hospital were present at the airport and the different shuttles to the hotels were waiting for us. The AMHE benefited from the intervention of Dr Jean Geto Dube, director of the hospital, at the immigration department for the relief of our material.

27 physicians, nurses and nurse practitioner, made the trip a successful one.

A radiologic team ( Drs Paul Dossous, Ruth Samiento, Sagine Tony Berry ) was able to perform abdominal, breast and pelvic ultrasounds. These ultrasounds resulted in diagnosing candidates with masses:

One patient diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma of the breast, benefited from a Mastectomy with lymph nodes dissection, by a surgical team lead by Dr Louis Joseph Auguste.

A patient who benefited from a patellar tendon repair two to three months prior, presented with swelling and pain at the right lower extremity, and an occlusion of the common femoral vein was discovered. She benefited from an emergent admission to the intensive care unit.

A pathology team, led by Dr Cecilia Giminez, assited in the collection of specimen by Carline Prophete ARNP and Elizabeth Hricko RN, confirmed many pathologic cases, notably two low grade lesions, four high grade lesions and three squamous cell carcinoma of the cervix. More than 90 slides were prepared after pelvic examination by the obstetricians Antoinette Sakaris, Ciryl Leconte, Tiffany Ollier and Victoria Prevost LPN. They later performed a hysterectomy on one patient with AIDS and cervical carcinoma. Louis Auguste Junior collaborated with the pathology team in offering his successful program in the domaine of Telepathology.


An urology team, under the guidance of Drs Ziegelbaum, David Livingstone, V Vasudevan, Sandeep Mehta,  was able to take care of delicate cases at Justinien and Milot Hospitals.

A trauma team with Drs Anne Lihau N Kanza, Danielle Pinieri, Maxime Coles assumed the overview of Trauma cases in the ER.

A surgical team with Drs Louis J Auguste, Jean Michel Loubeau, Jean Bernard Poulard, David Zeltsman was able to overview the different complications presented to them by the surgical residents and attending.

An orthopedic team extremely dedicated with Drs Michel Hubert Pierre Louis, Maxime Coles and all our orthopedic residents were able to perform 13 surgical cases despite of our lack of material and proper instrumentation.  Promises from Dr Dube, has allowed us to believe that these deficiencies will be corrected soon.

Finally, a pediatric team with Dr Marie France Conde and Edna Joseph RN discussed the management of difficult cases with residents and attending.

A More detailed report will follow, including but not limited to medical presentations, with Dr Louis J Auguste. It is our hope to bring more medical professionals at our next medical missions.  The AMHE would like to thank all the members of this brilliant team for their devotion to our cause in treating the underprivileged  patients of our country. 

Maxime Coles MD