To Fritz Allen MD

Dear Fito

It was nice seeing you at the resort in Baru, Columbia during the annual Convention and although we discussed briefly your brother Dolphi’s health with his fight for survival, we were not sure that he would leave us so soon. Today, I heard the sad news from our Executive Director at the AMHE. My first reflex was to try to reach you by phone, but I knew that would have been difficult. I chose to write some words to tell you about our feelings.

Your brother was a fighter and he has lost his last battle because simply his mission on earth was over. His Creator called him to be by his side. I know the closed relationship you shared with him and Georges. You lost more than a brother and there are no words of compassion to ease your sorrow. His loss affects us all at the AMHE.

Marc Chegall wrote in a poem: “ Si toute vie va inevitablement vers sa fin, nous devrons durant la notre, la colorier avec les couleurs d’amour et d’espoir ». I know well you follow these principles. We want to offer our friendship and our affection. Time will ease your pain.

May we take the moment to express not only in the name of the AMHE but also personally, my sincere condolences to the Allen and Michel families and to the friends affected by this loss. May Dolphi rest in peace. God will receive him with open arms.


Maxime Coles MD


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