Message of the President of the AMHE Florida Chapter:

Fellow Members of the Medical Community,

Health care providers,   Business community,

Distinguished officials and elected representatives,

 Executive members of the AMHE and

Members  Of The Local Chapter,

Chairman of the Board

Dear Participants to the Annual Gala 12-15-2018,

As the association approaches the New Year, and completes another milestone in its Endeavour for a healthier society and a more humanistic concept of medical practice, It is rejoicing to pause for a short while and to reflect both on the miles just travelled and on the road yet ahead. Once again we are proud to welcome you to our 31st Annual Gala Fund Raising.  Year after year, as in a “pilgrimage expeditionto some holy land, joined together, in a spirit of solidarity, and full of gratitude for the opportunity to serve, we come to you tonight, well aware of our mission which is to save life and to bring appeasement to the suffering of mankind.             We keep in mind, as we approach the altar of compassion and altruism that the greatest task ever entrusted to mankind resides in the solidarity that we express toward each other and in the difference we make in the lives of whom ever we come across. What a wonderful privilege it is to care, to heal and to treat, to save and to maintain life!!  While we  continue to enjoy the reward of such a great privilege, we keep in mind that to whom much is given, much is also expected.

We are humbled  by the accomplishments of technology that has put so much at our disposal in order to improve life condition on earth ;but we remain convinced  that all this science would be  meaningless without the human touch, the respect  for others , and the  dignified treatment that no machine can bring to the ailing patient waiting for reassurance from his treating physician,…and to the  parents waiting at the exit door, for the good news at the end of a surgical procedure.

We no longer worry if someday, a robot comes knock at your door, performs surgery on you and disappears in the middle of the night, to only leave you with medications by your bedside to take upon awakening. Blood work will become obsolete may be, and very soon perhaps, a simple machine will tell you what you have, will read your heart  rhythm, your brain waves and will tell you exactly what your body chemistry is. .. The doors of most hospitals will be closed or reduced to a bare minimum. But yet your heart would still remain cold, because no one would  replace the compassion ,the caring and the empathy that a human presence can fill a room with, when  approaching  a patient, to listen  to his concern and  to  help  him go thru the turbulent waves  his life may be  facing. 

Thanks to you all, we withstood the rising tides and navigated safely thru the turbulences of our existence. We thank you for making us the official voice of the Haitian community when it comes to health matters. We ask you to continue to stand by us so we can remain the voice that conveys   clear and loud, the needs of our brothers and sisters.                                                                                                     You should feel proud to know that every Sunday, two other colleagues and myself, thanks to your generous contribution, we continue unabated, the task of educating our community in terms of health matters and other pertinent social issues.  Your money helps attend several health fair programs in the community, gives people from all walks of life, a chance for screening and for diseases better detection and prevention outcomes. Your money facilitates medical missions and travels far places to various projects that otherwise could have been neglected. Our commitment to the cause is unwavering. We’re asking you …”Please stand by the association! Stand by us! We count on your support!!”

Special thanks to our Keynote Speaker, Dr. Henri Ford and to his family who accepted to be with us to night. We appreciate your time here.

As it is so well said in the scriptures, for us to reap with songs of joy and happiness today, you had to sow with pain and suffering.
May this moment of recognition and celebration be seen as the fruit of your labor, may these few words  serve as an inspiration to all of you, and may  you ask yourselves again :what will become of medicine in the years ahead?.

God Bless America the land that has showered us with all sorts of blessings and has allowed us to enjoy peacefully the fruit of our labor.

May Haiti our motherland, the land of our forefathers, cradle of human rights in the new Continent become someday the oasis of peace where all its children can work together toward a more dignified and a brighter future…

Happy Holiday Season to All of You!!!       Long life to AMHE!!!!

Rony Jean-Mary, M.D.
AMHE- Florida Chapter-President.

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