No view certifies tropical haven better

Than this regal tree billowing in the wind with no fetter.

No simple pleasure rivals a leisure under its shade,

Siesta on a rocking chair or in a hammock,

Far from city-life gridlock,

Priceless rest of highest grade!

Or beckoning activities like playing dominoes,

Cards, a pick-up ballgame, while feted by cackling crows.

Aiding and abetting living beings, ubiquitous

Being, easily grown from a seed, so fortuitous.


No sight equals the palate’s delight like its fruits-filled

Branches, floating from stalks, bouncing with breeze,

Inviting epicurean frothing, drooling worth its tease,

Anticipation living up to its billing, when desire is fulfilled.

Rainbow hues from canary to burgundy and various shades of green,

In any permutation of tints and tones, well shone

Visual-art pieces, painted by artists known and unknown.

Riveting aroma when riven from its stem, lust mixed with sheen.

Mango eating is a feast prized by its connoisseurs,

Best done with bare hands and sharp incisors,

Informal setting enlivening zest for delectation,

Fruit’s zest mild sting just a banal exaction.

Its flavor titillates our tasting buds

With its luculent succulence, scrumptious, delicious suds,

Syrupy fingers, entrenched into its flesh, firm, soft or stringy.

Teeth scalping its ripened skin with a rhythm steady and swingy,

Never mind staining aftermath on clothes,

Caking on skin, strings-filled teeth, minor throes

For the gustatory satisfaction clamoring for more.

Satiety losing to voracity, like the fun of running a score.

Self-cleaning or preening thereafter far from being a chore

Is held to the altar of its allure and part of the lore.

Mango eating, ritual sans pareil, heralded custom,

An inveterate wont, from our soul hard to eviscerate!

An edict over which no need to deliberate,

May or June without this swoon is difficult to fathom!


Temperature sensitive, still territorial, in overwhelming varieties

Peerless, in kingdom of fruit bearing trees

From dwarf size to banyan dimension

Seasonal to perennial, a marvel of a creation

Worthy of celebration, by scientists and poets alike

Easily grafted, extensively studied, a wonder I like.

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