2 takes of Hope.


Found half conscious and brought here like a leper,

My grooming, my thinking were most improper.

My pitiful physical appearance

Was a good reflection of my mental disturbance,

Ripping my soul, ravaging my being.

Keeping me away from others and always fleeing.

An epiphany I finally had after two close calls with death:

Most unpleasant, thinking about one’s last breath!

I was saved twice; not willing for thrice

I have to change at any price.

I now leave here with a heart full of hope,

Rejuvenated, ready to face life’s full scope.

More than once I have left my dreams dissipate in smoke.

I have learned my lesson and I am now prepared to go for broke.

No longer courting failure, I look forward to success,

From its pursuit, now I will not digress.

Wounded but now enlightened I shall seek companionship,

From experience, I will prize friendship.

Forever indebted to others now, I forego loneliness

In my pursuit of happiness and of my life’s redress.

Excerpted from the The Voice, published August 2018.



Hope, necessary, powerful, sacred life’s motivator,

Overflow of wishes of good karma by afflicted,

Pent-up positive feelings, warming sick’s heart’s cockles,

Energizing, boosting one’s zest, outlook for better tomorrows.

Hither lies despair, there flutters optimism, in equal measure,

Omen cast in the eyes of beholder, ruin or treasure,

Plebeians’ or patricians’ possession, large or speck,

Eventide to dawn, hope keeps despair in check.

Hope is so much needed for our troubled homeland

Overtaken by crooks, cronyism, a combustible brew,

Pilfered, peeled, pauperized, yet peopled by smart, good-will denizens.

Eerie it may seem, hope of overturn from defeat still prevails.

Hope softens pavement, lessens sun’s blaze, adds sweet to bitter

Offers dreams of better alternative to turn it into fruition.

Pebbles, shiny, lustrous, enlivening beach peppered of rough sand,

Eternal embers fueling flame of positive expectancy.

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