Cuban Haitian cooperation


I would like to invite all to appreciate this full slide presentation representing a book published about the Cuban Haitian cooperation during the dark hours of the 2010 earthquake and during the epidemy of Cholera which follow. This slide presentation was done in Varadero Cuba by an important Cuban delegation of physicians who participated to our AMHE Convention at Varadero, Cuba. They were:

Pedro Luiz Velez Martinez MD

Reinaldo de la Noval Garcia MD

Lorenzo Jorge Pierre Avila MD

Lorenzo Samarriba Lopez MD

Gorge Juan Marinello Guerrero MD

This slide presentation is a token of their appreciation for a country they like and this is the  resume of a historic book published that can be purchased from the Webpage:  w.w.w.Informed.SLA.w

I invite all to know better details of this dark periods in which our Nation has lost so many human life. You will know better the participation of the Cuban medical team on Haitian soil. Remember only that they were already in Haiti.

Présentation Power Point


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