Best wishes from the AMHE Newsletter editorial board

The AMHE Newsletter editorial board wants to take the opportunity to predict better wishes for the people of Haiti as the holidays approach. It is difficult to admit that a country which was liberated for us, through the blood of our ancestors, has reached so low points. I am asking what the new year would be able to bring like changes.

I remember our laughter and joy during the holiday seasons, while as little kids, we were building up “Fanals” to parade in our neighborhood. The vendors of pine trees were aligned on the streets trying to sell what they prepared all year, just for the occasion. It was the time of the year when, receiving a good report card on our school grades, we were guaranteed to receive a present from Santa Claus.

I grew up in a country merely stable under a dictatorship. Today, I sit sadly and look at the way the institutions have degraded to a point that the moral is so low that one is unable to believe that he/she will be able to witness changes in his lifetime. There appears to be no sunshine in the horizon and the outcome remains obscure. We are the baby boomers who are witnessing the vanishing beauty of a country, we love dearly. Indeed, we remain nostalgic because the days of happiness we knew during the adolescence, are gone forever.  As I look at the new generation of young kids, unable to have a regular meal in a day, unable to attend school, or simply unable to find time to play.

A most urgent concern for the people of Haiti in the coming year, should be on the education for our children. The failure rate in the national examination to certify an overall passing score in the baccalaureate is very disappointing. We should offer a better start in establishing an atmosphere of security to enhance teaching and learning in our school’s system.

Let us take the opportunity to urge the students and the teachers around the country to return to school and improve on the work of the past. Certainly, it should be assured with the support of a government of National Unity and community structures.

The Association Medicale Haitienne a l’Etranger (AMHE) has for decennials supported the “Maison des Etudiants” which served as a refuge to the hundreds of medical students allowing them to receive a decent meal for the day, at a low price. Unfortunately, the earthquake destroyed our Alma Mater and while we were able to finally re-built it, AMHE felt compelled to continue its support. My thoughts are directed to all the university students especially the one at the medical school who have been so close to the AMHE.

May the new year allow us to continue activities like the teaching sessions and conferences in Haiti, the travelling residency program in the United States, the consultations through the net, the medical missions in different cities of Haiti (Port-au-Prince, Cap-Haiti, Fort Liberte, Jacmel, Cayes-Jamel, Jeremie, Cayes, Hinche, Pignon, Kenscoff etc.). May the new year allow the AMHE to reaffirm the bounds with his chapters, the AMH and other medical associations like FADHIMAC, HRDH. AMHE Foundation, PIH as the new season approaches.

Sharing greetings with members and friends of the AMHE is the optimal way of building strong relationships. Best holidays wish for a season of Love and Joy to all members and friends. May you find the true spirit of the season to fill up your heart. The AMHE through its official organ, the newsletter, wishes happiness and peace in the world for all nations. May the magic of Christmas season stretch on your family with sparkles, in a spirit of laughter and cheer.

Maxime Coles MD

AMHE Newsletter editor-in-chief

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