The AMHE Foundation had recently uploaded on its YouTube Channel five Videos of medical education for the worldwide Creole speaking population. They are all in the questions and answers format .

Video # 1: Dr Vladimir Berthaud interviewed by Dr Reynald Altema

Video # 2: Two Physicians Former Covid-19 Patients Interviewed by Dr Reynald Altema

Video # 3. Konsèy Pou Fanm Ansent Nan Epòk Kovid la, Dr Daniel Faustin Ak Dr Altema

Video # 4

Video # 5

All the videos can be found in the AMHE Foundation YouTube channel. To reach this channel, go to YouTube and search for “AMHE Foundation”. While you are there please click the button “Subscribe”. Not only YouTube will send you an automatic notification for future videos, but you will help the Foundation reach the mandatory critical mass of subscribers to receive contributions from YouTube. In a way, that will be your token donation to our Haitian brethren in Haiti and elsewhere.

Please spread the word about these videos through your social network, including your friends in Haiti and elsewhere in the Diaspora, and do not forget to ask them to click “Subscribe “ at the channel page to continuously receive notifications from YouTube, and to help the foundation help the folks back home..

Furthermore, we  thought you might be interested in supporting the AMHE Foundation COVID-19 fund established for the people of Haiti in this GoFundMe page:

Even a small donation can make a big difference. And if you can’t make a donation yourself, it would be great if you could spread the word by sharing this fundraiser link through your social network of  friends and contacts.

Thanks for taking a look! Stay safe and Healthy.

The AMHE Foundation

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