To the Fellows in Cardiologic Medicine.

The AMHE is pleased to extend a warm welcome to our new group of Fellows in Cardiology assigned to different institutions. Thanks to the Match program because it is an exciting time in the Academic year especially after graduating residents has just survived a rigorous training. We want to tell you that we acknowledge the hard work and suffering that accompanies your journey. Each year is a little different and we have no idea what the next will bring. You have achieved something monumental and the AMHE would like you to know that our hopes are directed toward you, waiting for your moves and your teaching to others in the United States and in Haiti during meetings, medical missions or any other activities.

It is not a decision that everyone has chosen lightly to become a physician. Someone has said that being a physician is like being a priest, indeed this is a “sacerdorce” (vocation) and you will be always asking: What I am doing for the suffering? You have taken the oat to serve something greater than yourself. Nowadays, something in the culture of Medicine has changed and it becomes natural to ask for help when help is needed and as physicians, we can’t wait for our lives to be perfect before we bring help to others. Symptoms of burnout will distract your conception and this is why, keeping yourself emotionally focus is primordial. The AMHE has your back.

Believe in yourself and do not let others define your world. You can make a difference when you are starting a practice by infusing your skills and your knowledge into the system. Practice with compassion and remember well that if one day, you fell empathy in interacting with your patients or their family or even your colleagues, you will need to advocate for the weak, the one suffering with pain or the one hopeless and unheard. Bring respect to others without grumbling because compassion is part of your responsibility as a physician.

The AMHE is your home and we are eager to partner with you because you are the children of our association. We thrive to learn the newest techniques in Cardiology and we invite you to teach us their principles of treatment.  We have dedicated this page to the fellows in Cardiology and we will welcome all articles or papers you may wish to share in our forum. Welcome home.

Maxime Coles MD
AMHE Board Member

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