A 2021 Message from the AMHE President,
Dr. J. Pierre-Paul Cadet
From the CEC President desk

Dear Maxime Coles,
January 11, 2021 President’s message

Dear colleagues, family members and friends!

As we are entering a new year, we need to look back at all the hurdles as well as the positive steps the AMHE has taken to reach out to the sky.

2020 has been the most painful and disastrous year in the annals of the Association. Besides countless numbers of disappearing AMHE members by this spiteful covid-19, heart disease has discriminately continued its course to worsen the big picture. Insofar, all 8 Chapters or main areas of interest of the Association have sustained several damages and suffering is still mounting in our community. With the introduction of new vaccines and the prospect of incoming new ones, we are hoping for better outcomes to meet everyone’s expectations for a better life. However, we still need to wait for several months to have a success story to tell. Moreover, the recommendations by the CDC to avoid the Covid-19 contamination are still on and the post-Holiday period is highly expected to jack up the number of new cases. It is needless to ask each and every one of you to use more vigilance to bring a much-needed support to your respective communities. Prevention is the name of the game and our educational programs on Radio, TV, Newspapers or newsletters are really essential tools to be used in the battle against the common enemy.

We have lost family members, friends, colleagues, or work peers. We are still in the mourning mode.  However, we won’t stop overstressing the great job of our heroes who comprise Doctors, Nurses, Lab techs, Physical Techs, Fire-fighters, Maintenance crews, Companions, Body handlers, Police officers and security guards….have accomplished. They all deserve our utmost appreciation, and our focus point should be that we are in it together to destroy it together. Regardless of those positive tests in the millions or death cases in the thousands so far, our ultimate goal is to bring everything to the number zero and we won’t rest until we accomplish our task.

Dear colleagues, team-mates, one thing should be always in our mind: “Together we can fight and destroy the beast,” so we can continue in the way paved by our predecessors some 50 years ago.

The CEC had a very ambitious agenda for 2020. However, we had accomplished only part of it, such as:

1- The disaster preparedness conference on January 11th at Father Gerard Jean-Juste Community Center in Miami was well attended and ended with recognition to certain leaders who made a difference in post January 12 earthquake in Haiti 10 years ago. The second part that was scheduled to take place on April 25th had to be canceled due to area lock down.

2- The Trips to meet face-to-face with Chapters members have been converted in Zoom meetings.

3- A new Orlando, Florida emerged, among 5 in total (Boston, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Paris).

4- The Annual AMHE Convention was converted into a Zoom Conference that occurred on August 14,15, 16 with more than 160 participants who took advantage of the last progress exposed by some vibrant speakers from Haiti. The GHESKIO Chief Officer, Dr W. Pape as well as The Haitian Red Cross and CORI President,Dr Guiteau Jean-Pierre as well as The Medical Director of the internationally accredited “Hopital de Mirebalais”, Dr Ralph Ternier and associates gave us a true description of the sanitary conditions of the country in the Covid19 era. The top-notch presentations in general gave us something simply memorable. The scientific committee, with dedicated members, chaired by Dr Eric Jerome had shown its muscle in preparing such an upscale conference in less than 2 months and the CMEs, for which we sincerely for the delay, have finally hit the road to bring some smile to the participant faces, at last.

5- The Distance learning program with the FMP (Faculte de Medecine et de Pharmacie) is at rearranging phase cause of the social distancing imposed on us.

6- The excellent Radiology program with UEH (Universite d’Etat d’Haiti) is moving full speed with a starting date to come shortly.

The Central Executive Committee reiterates its support to the families of the departed members and salute each chapter separately. This time, the Montreal Chapter is the elected one. It is with great respect and on behalf of all the members of the AMHE that, as the CEC President, I present our deepest sympathy to the following families who have lost loved ones in AMHE communities in the US, Canada, and Haiti.

This year, the CEC will continue with the same programs since we haven’t reached completion and will eventually envision a better way to handle the Annual Convention, pending the pandemic pathway.

The AMHE 50th Anniversary celebration is set to be kicked off with the full participation of the leadership of the Association such as, the Board of Trustees, the Central Executive Committee, the Foundation with support from the Ethics Committee, the Scientific Committee, the Public Relation/Membership Committee, and special committees created to carry on the activities until August 2022.

Today is the 11th Anniversary of this unforgettable tragedy in Haiti. As we are trying to rebuild on ashes, we want to remind everyone that life is a two-way sword, precious to enjoy and fragile to protect. To curve down the effects of Covid-19, some physicians and other medical professionals have chosen to boost their immunity by using the natural way, others have exhibited their preference for the vaccines, because as Healthcare providers we have been using for years without any inconvenient. The AMHE leadership wants each and everyone to stay safe and healthy so we can meet our community expectations.

Peace be with you all!

J. Pierre-Paul Cadet, M.D.
President, AMHE CEC


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