Corona Virus December 2021 Column

A-    The state of New York announced the existence of multiple sites for vaccination of children aged 5 to 11. So far more than 50,000 children have already received the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine since it has been approved by the CDC. Parents need to reach out their providers to set up vaccine appointments. One third of the dose given to the adult is suggested for the kids aged 5-1 can be given in doctor’s office, pharmacies or health centers. Nationwide, more than 20,000 pharmacies, clinics or physician’s office are available to help the process.

B-    Many states are battling the federal COVID vaccine mandate. In Oklahoma, the new commander of the National Guard states that he will not enforce it. The Brigadier General of the Army stated that soldiers in the National Guard in Oklahoma are not required to be vaccinated and that no administrative or legal action will be taken against any member of the national guard refusing to take the COVID-19 vaccine. The Pentagon and the secretary Austin are aware of the situation There is a June 2021 deadline. Guardsmen are under the governor control while on state duty but return to the department of defense after their missions. Less than 15% of the guards have not received the vaccine for different reasons like religion belief etc. Others are looking for any kind of exemption possible. We know already that ten (10) states have filed law suit against the Biden Administration over the vaccine mandate. We are about to see a shortage of healthcare professionals. Some judges in minor courts (US fifth Circuit Court) have already temporarily blocked the implementation of the mandate. The Administration is also investing more money in the experimental viral pills to help people from fighting COVID-19. Walt Disney has also a pause to the vaccine mandate especially after the Governor of the state of Florida put jus opposition to it. Meanwhile the number of deaths in 2021 for COVID-19 has surpassed the number of deaths in 2020. Recently, many states like Louisiana, Texas and other in the mid-west upheld the COVID-19 mandate imposed by the government. Maine is the only state in which a judge enforce the mandate because of little amount of exemptions.

C-   The American Administration is pushing also for a booster dose for all adults already we are contemplating the fourth wave of the pandemic in Europe (Germany). This is now the epicenter of the pandemic. .Cities and States offer to pay kids for being vaccinated. The WHO reports a 50% jumping the in the 53 countries stretching between the Soviet Union to Central Asia, near 1.8 million new cases with a doubling of the deaths and hospitalization. The outbreak has accelerated during the past 4 weeks colder temperatures. Authorities are asking to keep wearing the masks because the pandemic is not over. Get vaccinated although 192.8 million people in the United States are now fully vaccinated and 19.5 million have already received a booster shot.

D-   The number of COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations had dropped in the United States. Only 79,000 new cases a day were reported in the beginning of November 2021.and a 58% decrease. Hospitalizations and deaths are dropping. People remain cautious and many have received the vaccine. Cases may be dropping in the USA but they are on the upswing in Europe. A new CDC study states that the COVID-19 vaccines provide five times the protection of natural immunity.

E-    Scientific expert’s world wise raised concern about the new strain “Omicron” discovered in South Africa and in Africa. This a variant of concern with a number of genetic mutations which may allow a faster spread even among the vaccinated persons. People should be concerned. Because of its higher transmissibility. Although the vaccines presently provide 5 times the production of natural immunity as reported by a study performed by the CDC. Unvaccinated people with a recent infection appear to be 5 times more to be re-infected by the virus compared to the one vaccinated.  It has been reported that so far people who caught the Omicron variant of the COVID-19 have reported only mild symptoms like headaches.

F-    The WHO (World Health Organization) is the organization which called the “Omicron” a new variant of concern of the SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing COVID-19. It presents with multiple mutations able to change the virulence in the disease. The Omicron has already been reported in many countries bringing the infection since the beginning of November 2021 in Europe and Africa. In Israel, Hong Kong, Australia Canada and South Africa. The Omicron may be already in the United States but it has not been discovered yet. There may be no need for a panic and the practice of social distancing with the wear of mask remain strongly suggested. The vaccine and or its booster remains the best protection against this new form because this form may become more contagious than the delta variant. Many advance that the symptoms are mild while people may lose the sense of smell. A viral test at the lab can help in differentiate the variant. It is possible that re-infection to COVID-19 may become more likely with the Omicron variant. Omicron has several mutations and can become resistant to the vaccine and if it is the case, the body may be unable to stop the infection. A new vaccine is being studied but it is recommended to take the booster whenever eligible. Some restrictions against travelers from South Africa and Zimbabwe and Botswana are in vigor.

G-   Researchers found out that unvaccinated people maybe more than 5 time at risk of developing the COVID-19 than the one vaccinated. More it seems that the Moderna may protect you better than the Pfizer against this new strain. COVID-19 has become the number one cause of death in the state of Arizona.

H-   On December first 2021, the first patient with the Omicron variant landed in Los Angeles on a plane in provenance of South Africa. He was quarantined immediately. So, the Omicron has landed in the United States. One week after at least 5 vaccinated people who attended a wedding in Wisconsin contracted the Omicron coronavirus. They leave in the San Francisco Bay area. Other people in that wedding tested positive for the COVID-19. They were all less than 45and have received as well the booster shot. They were all mildly symptomatic and no one were hospitalized. The new variant may be able to bypass certain levels of immunity.

I-     The transportation Security Administration is planning to increase the fines for travelers not wearing masks and more than 500 incidents were reported. A fine varying between 500 and 1000 dollars will be issues and other will face criminal penalties.

J-     The Omicron strain of the COVID-19 appears to have a predilection for the less than 45 except thay yesterday it was discovered that a 5-year-old baby was discovered as a victim. So far nobody needed to be placed on a ventilator but a quarantine was ordered for the one diagnosed with the strain.

K-   There are more than 248 million cases and more than 5.04 million deaths while in the USA, more deaths were recorded in 2021 than 2020. More than 752,920 deaths are recorded. This disease is there to stay but the virus may become dormant and occasionally give a small epidemy at time. Country like Austria is starting a new COVID-18 lockdown especially for the unvaccinated people.

Maxime Coles MD
Boca Raton FL

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