Nous avons vecu dans un cauchemar unique.. La COVID-19 nous a fauche tant de vies. Nous avons tous perdu un parent ou un ami, un collegue ou un voisin. Il semble reellement que cete pandemie tire a sa fin. Un merci a notre Dieu de Misericorde pour nous avoir permi de survivre durant cette periode. SI dans ma peine,en 2020, j’ai ecrit ce poeme  “Bkack Swan”, j’aimerais revivre ces moments avec nos lecteurs… une epopee qui nous a tous marque. Oui, en effet j’ai dedie ce poeme a nos parents et camarades moins fortunes que nous qui ont peri pendant cette pandemie. Qu’ils reposent en paix. Maxime Coles  MD

Goodbye Black Swan

As winter polishes its wings,

It carries to us a new pathogen,

Cascading the world around it,

And bringing devastation and calamity.

Nobody is spared in the shadow…

Young kids brave our first pandemic.

Others more responsible claim social distancing

And life goes on in reflections and feelings.

We become nostalgic of a better time.

Many share the blame in their search for power.

And the desolation in Asia or in Europe

Renders the Western World vulnerable.

Metaphor or euphoria in the snowfalls

Brings early morning remorse,

And striking lies and accusations,

On a tragedy claiming many lives.

Adults with significant problems,

More men than women, sparing the children,

Become victims of a man-made virus.

Depriving us the joy of a happy Easter season.

Do not blame the event on a black swan,

To distract the winners from the losers,

While waiting for a return to normality.

Bringing happiness until the final victory.

Maxime Coles MD (3-29-2020)


This poem is dedicated to all who lost their life fighting the actual COVID-19 pandemic.


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