TITLE: La Petite Petra, Covid19 education for African Americans in South Florida.

AUTHORS: Aurelie Jean Louis, Vanessa Olivier-Meo, MD; Anne Christelle Olivier-Meo; Melissa Chamblain, MD; Garly Saint Croix, MD.



Covid19 pandemic has caused a significant burden in the World. While vaccination has shown to be effective, there is a lot of hesitancy especially in the minority communities including African American. Therefore, this project aimed at distributing an educational book about covid19 infection and giving learning sessions related to covid19 infection at 3 churches in South Florida and encouraged the members about vaccination and booster kiosques that will be available at these sites. Below are the answers of 140 people who took part at this survey including 79 women and 20 of the total population were fully vaccinated.

The book that was given: “Coronavirus explained for Kids” is from La Petite Pétra is a bilingual book series for children under the age of 10 aiming at explaining them the Covid19 pandemic in their language level, and which promotes socio-emotional development, ethnic diversity, and other early skills to develop bright and grounded individuals.  This book was selected as the recipient of the Association of Black Cardiologists 2021 Covid-19 Innovation Award. Regarding the covid19 vaccine, the African American is the ethnic population who have received currently less vaccination. Via education through these oral presentations and messages from this book, the initiators of the project are hoping that more awareness will be built about coronavirus and its consequences.