The myth of Psyche and Eros

It was amazing the way we become inspired one month ago on the myth of Isis and Osiris especially after we kept an active discussion with our editors on our “AMHE – Florida Radio show”. the notion of the “Afterlife” was risen with our auditors on the emission while we were honoring our dead during the month of November 2022. I invite you to learn about the myth of Isis and Osiris, because of its presentation in the most recent AMHE Newsletter.

it becomes also a surprise to me when Francelot Moise MD and Kelitha Moise NP, announced that their daughter Johanna was chosen to play the lead position on Broadway for another well-known Greek myth: “the one of Psyche and Eros.” We knew well how Francelot never missed an opportunity to invite us to one of her show on Broadway without finding the opportunity to deliver and have us reunite in the room to enjoy a performance of Johanna in action.

Johanna is a daughter of the AMHE who has been for a while performing as a lead dancer in Hamilton, this famous Broadway show and it gives us an intense pleasure to announce that she will now play soon, the new role of “Psyche” in the Greek Myth of Psyche and Eros. It gave me this opportunity to talk a little about this myth as well.  She was also presented in a recent ARTICLE WRITTEN BY MARGARETT Hall which I will place as well in the text for your convenience. May I invite you to read and learn about the character of Psyche in what many consider as the most beautiful Greek myth which has been adapted in movies and theaters over the years.

The story and the myth of Psyche and Eros:

Psyche is a gifted woman doted of an extreme beauty and grace. She has devoted her love to her beloved god Eros, earning her the immortality. She became the deity of soul but nowadays, she represents a self-search and personal growth through learning and losing and the expression of real Love. She became famous because of her beauty but the goddess Aphrodite did not appreciate the admiration that other was giving to her. She asked her son Eros (master of Love) to poison men’s souls in order to kill off their desire for Psyche. Eros tried but Eros fell himself in love as well with Psyche because of her beauty.

All men were attracted to her but she remained unmarried because she wanted to marry only the ONE, she would fall in love for. Her parents were discouraged and try to solve the mystery. Eros suggested to Apollo that she marry an ugly beast whose face she will never be able to discover.  She went along and got married but was able to be with her husband only at night. She was pleased and satisfied of the attention she was given, fulfilling her dreams and expectations. She discussed her happiness with her sisters.

Psyche was told by her jealous sisters that her lover was not only an ugly beast but also a monster who eventually will kill her and they wanted Psyche to kill him instead to save herself. One night, Psyche, oil lamp in hand, was prepared to act when she discovered the face of her beast-husband. It was the beautiful God Eros, himself. Surprised, she spilled the oil on his face. Eros woke up and flew away from Psyche stating that she betrayed him and ruined their relationship. He stated that they could never be united again. Psyche started searching for her lost love in asking Aphrodite where to find him. Aphrodite gave her three impossible tasks to accomplish in order to prove her love.

Psyche was fearless in her desire to find her lover but did not know that he was imprisoned by Aphrodite. She has to go to the underworld and bring back to Aphrodite a box of elixir of beauty and was told to avoid opening it. Instead, Morpheus, the god of sleep and dreams was hiding in the box and while the curious Psyche opened it, she fell asleep.

Eros found out the story and ran to the palace begging for Zeus’s clemency for Psyche. he became witnesses of their Love and rendered psyche immortal so they can be happy forever.

Maxime Coles MD