Association Haitienne d’Urologie – American Urologic Association – AMHE
Urology Meeting of November 15, 2013
OASIS International Hotel
Petionville, Haiti

Ladies and Gentlemen:
I thank you all for willing to volunteer your time to be part of this meeting which will usher in a new era of cooperation between Urologists within and outside of Haiti and move the specialty forward in order to better serve the Haitian population. I have taken the liberty to jot down some ideas and a sketch of a program, just as a starting point for discussion. Please feel free to comment, make suggestions or reject it completely.  Once the curriculum is adopted, we will select the presenters for each topic.
Louis J Auguste

8:00 : Registration – Breakfast

9:00 : Welcome : Dr. Pierre Boncy, Dr. Ziegelbaum, Dr. Angelo Gousse and Dr. Maxime Coles

9:30 : History of Urology and Inventory of the human resources in Urology in Haiti
Roger Valmé, MD and Claude Paultre, MD

10:00 : A Tally of Urologic Pathologies  in a single institution in Haiti from 2/2010 to 5/2013
Pierre-Alix Nazon, MD
10:30 : Break

11:00 : Obstacles to the Practice of Urology in Haiti – An Analysis of Needs
Jean Geto Dubé, MD, Msc – Administrator Justinien Hospital – Cap-Haitien, Haiti

11:30 : Residency training in Urology – Obstacles and Limitations
Jory Désir, MD

12:00: Questions and Answers

12:30: Lunch

14:00:Round Table and Panel Discussion:  The American Urologists present will have the
Opportunity to describe their activities in Haiti and their particular expertise
•    Samuel Broaddus, MD and Konbit Sante in Cap-Haitien
•    Henry Lanctin, MD
•    Lars Ellison, MD
•    Michael Ziegelbaum, MD
•    Fran Scheck, MD – EMR at Pignon Hospital

15:00: Introduction of Web site created by IVUmed to coordinate Urology programs in Haiti
Josh Wood
15:30: The point of view of the Haitian American Urologist practicing in the US
Angelo Gousse, MD or Raymond Paul-Blanc, MD
16:00: Creation of a Committee for Planning Workshops and other Didactic Activities in Haiti

16:30: Questions and Answers

17:00: Adjournment


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