Dear Reviewer,

Further to our email sent to you late May 2013, the acknowledgement of your expert peer review of articles in International Surgery over the period 2011-2012, has now been published.  The tribute is available as an open access article from:

Binoya GC, Kruesi LM. International Surgery Reviewer Recognition, 2011–2012. Int Surg. 2013, July-Sept;98(3):189-190. DOI: 10.9738/RR20112012

Please take the opportunity to explore the latest issue of International Surgery, July-Sept 2013 that includes the article.

The International College of Surgeons is proud to publicly acknowledge your support.

Our sincere and enduring appreciation for your ongoing generosity and contributions.

Warm regards,

Prof Christopher Chen
Editor-in-Chief, International Surgery
Journal of the International College of Surgeons

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