International Surgery Reviewer Recognition

Dear Reviewer

We wish to express our appreciation of your expertise in the peer review of articles in International Surgery,
volume 98, 2013, by publishing the attached tribute.  This tribute will appear in International Surgery volume 99, number 2, 2014.

As you will appreciate, the peer-review process depends on the goodwill of the many experts who have
given their time and knowledge in the critiquing of an increasing number of
manuscripts. The International College of Surgeons wishes to publicly acknowledge
your valued support.

Please contact Glenda Binoya,  by replying to this email if you do not wish to be included
in the tribute or you wish to request an edit by Friday, 07 February 2014.

Our sincere and enduring appreciation for your generosity and contributions.

Yours sincerely
Professor Christopher Chen
Editor-in-Chief International Surgery  |
6A Napier Road #04-38 Annexe Block, Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore 258500 | T +65 6474 3900

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