Cabaret Public Health Mission
9-23-12 to 9-28-12

Brief Report prior to data analysis.

Report based on:
Questionnaire overview, personal impression and experiences during the eight-day trip.

Most common findings of 398 questionnaires collected from people who receive services from us were as follows:

A. Medical/Dental chief complaints:
Eyes (Cataract), recurrent vaginal and urinary tract infection, high blood pressure, toothaches, and dental cleaning.

B. Residence:
Majority was Native of the area; low migration.

C. Education
Follows Bell curve from completion of Rheto to 0 year in school, majority elementaire II

D. Household:
Average: six family members/ two-room house

E. Water source Potable: pre-treated (bouteille, sachet)
Washing: canal/ rigole non- treated

F. Toilette usage:
Exterior Latrine except in Sources Matelas where great number used “rage” or ravine

In general, the trip was well organized and choice of hotel good, though a bit expensive and WIFI access limited. Water and electricity were beyond reproach. Transportation and communication were great.

I liked the evening recap and should be encouraged in the future.

Thank you for your support.