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Gold Smith Dorval MD
Gold Smith Dorval entered the State University Medical School and became a Physician (Promtion of 1974. He benefited from a Residency in the General Surgery program in Cayes but travelled to the States and to Europe for further training. He finally attended and graduated from a residency program in Pediatry and in Child Psychiatry. For the one who knew him best, his true passions were Music and Litterature. I will invite you to read as many of his manuscripts or books, he has written during his moments of happiness.
 PIERRE ANDRE MD est ne le 15 decembre 1946 et est décédé le 9 decembre 2022
Il a a son actif plusieurs publications de livres:
1- Drug Addiction (1987)
2- People, Sex, HIV & AIDS
3- Anabolic Steroids among Students and Athletes (1989)
4- Mon voyage émotionnel et spirituel (2011)

Il nous disait dans son dernier bouquin que son voyage se terminait: “J’ai trouve un nouveau pays et j’ai une nouvelle vision de la vie... Comme le berger andalou dans le livre de l’alchimiste Paulo Coelho: “ J’ai une nouvelle sagesse”.
Raymonde Noel Talleyrand
I described my life in the book and there is no need to submit a curriculum vitae.
These comments will bring a personal touch to the presentation of my Memoir.
For years,I had lived with flashback souvenirs of the country in which I grew up: Haiti.
I started writing a little journal, having in mind to start my memoir during retirement.
The confinement Covid-19 has imposed upon us, helped me realize my dream.
I was also inspired by the idea of leaving a legacy to the children, grandchildren and friends.
I let them know about the image of Haiti that I knew. It was in no way the poorest country in the hemisphere as described now.This idea will never match the concept that I had when living in the sixties. We were able to accommodate the International World Sphere.This Golden times represent the spirit of the People of my country:"Haiti Cherie"
Raymond Bernardin MD

Originaire du Cap-Haitien, Haiti, Raymond Bernardin fit ses etudes classiques au College Notre-Dame du Perpetuel Secours jusqu'en 1960, et se rend a Port-au-Prince pour commencer ses etudes Medicales a la Faculte de Medecine et de Pharmacie.
Diplome Medecin en 1966.

Il commence son Internat a "Jamaica Hospital" en Juillet 1966 suivi d'une annee de Residence.(1966-1968)
Il complete ses quatre annees de Residence en Orthopedie a "Maimonides Medical Center", NY.(1969-1972)
1973-1974 Il fait un Fellowship "Spine and Hand Surgery" a Albert Einstein, Jacobi Hospital, NY
Finalement, il se retrouve en 1975 "Attending Phisician" a Coney Island Hospital, NY

Raymond Bernardin retourne a son Alma Mater en Haiti comme Medecin de Service a l'hopital General de Port au Prince et bientot entame parallelement une pratique privee an Aout 1975.
Il devient aussi en 1976 Medecin-Assistant, benevole au Centre de Rehabilitation de Sister Joan Margaret.
Il en profite pour faire la chirurgie de correction de la colonne pour la cyphose et la scoliose.
Les resultats de cas operes et traites par Milwaukee Bracing sont presentes aux congres internationnaux de Rehabilitation a Port-au-Prince en 1979, a Orlando, FL en 1980, a Santo Domingo en 1980 et a La Havane en 1987.
En 1989, IL rejoint la Fondation Cardinal Leger pour Le controle de la Lepre et ses travaux de recherche sont publies dans la Revue anglaise " Lepra International" et presentes au Congres sur la Lepre a Bejin. Chine.
Medecin de service benevole a l'Hopital d'Etat D'Haiti (1976-1882)
Medecin officiellement attache au Service d'Orthopedie en 1986 pour 6 mois
Chirurgien en Chef a l'Hopital Cardinal Leger de Leogane (1987-1997)
Chirurgien en charge du Service d'Orthopedie a l'Hopital St Francois de Sales
Chirurgien Orthopediste en charge a l'Hopital Adventiste de Diquini Orthopediste

Enseignement :

Faculte de Medecine d'Haiti Professeur de Traumatologie
Faculte de Medecine de l'Universite catholique UNDH pour l'Anatomie , la Traumatologie et les Tumeurs osseuses

Fondateur de la Societe Haitienne d'Orthopedie et de Traumatologie (SHOT) enseignant dans plusieurs cours internationaux d'Orthopedie


1) En Orthopedie
Congenital malformation of the clavicule (USA)
Nerve Lesions in Leprosy. New surgical classification (London England)
In Memoriam Dr Antenor Miot (Port-au-Prince Haiti)

2) En Histoire
Plusieurs articles dans Le Nouvelliste, Le Matin, La Societe d' Histoire et de Geographie.
General Paul Eugene Magloire Une Biographie Politique
De la Nationalite Haitienne
Port-au-Prince au cours des ans (1950). En collaboration avec Geonges Corvington
Cinq Siecles d'Histoire Politique d'Haiti (4 volumes).

A la retraite depuis 1990 en Floride, lL consacre son temps a la publication de ses ouvrages d'histoire.

Dr Raymond Bernardin a recu un "Lifetime Achievement Award" de la AMHE en 2013

Reynald Altema MD,
The boy by the sea
Or the plight of the illiterate

As a physician who used to have a large Haitian clientele when I was in private practice, I was struck many times by the alarming number of patients who were virtual illiterate because even though they did attend school, they barely got beyond fourth or fifth grade education and they had the hardest time passing the history exam to become US citizens. I thought about this phenomenon and decided to explore the world of the illiterate. The setting of the book came by happenstance. Searching for something original, I chose the northwest, influenced by some patients of mine born and raised there who always were telling me about the great past of the region.

My goal in writing the book was to find fictional but real characters facing the daily struggles of surviving in a society with few social safety valves. I allowed my imagination to run wild in creating the characters while making sure of the verisimilitude of their existence. The main theme was the constraints that illiteracy put on these folks like a leaden albatross around their neck. At the same time and on a parallel track, the importance of relationships in people’s lives was paramount. In our culture, traditionally, helping one another was a given. In fact this is a carryover here in America because the lowest earners disproportionately send remittances back home compared to the well heeled.

No society can ever become prosperous without an educated workforce. Education is the backbone of social and personal success. We who live in the learned world have a hard time imagining what every day life is like among the other group that can’t read a road sign or instructions in a booklet. Yet they find a way to survive against all odds. Eradication of illiteracy in our society would be an apotheosis on the same scale as our freedom from bondage two centuries ago.
Marlène Rigaud Apollon, M.S


Marlène Rigaud Apollon was born in Cap-Haitian and emigrated to the United States in 1964. She has a Masters of Science degree in Professional Writing from Towson University, in Maryland.

Her writings have been published or broadcasted in newspapers, re-views, anthologies and on radio programs such as Haïti Progrès, Haiti en Marche, Haitian Times, Sapriphage (Jean Métellus, Ed.), River City (University of Memphis), Utah Foreign Language Review (Special Issue,Vol. 1994-1995), Sisters of Caliban, Contemporary Women Poets of the Caribbean (Azul Edition), Haïti, la Voie de nos Silences (Marie Alice Théard, Ed. Haïti), Moun Revue de Philosophie (, Haiti Rising(University of Liverpool Press & University of the West Indies Press, 2010) and Radio Solidarite (

She is the author of three books of poetry, Cris de colère, Chants d’espoir, I Want to Dance and Is je n’avais que Des regrets and of several other books for adults and children and has been a guest speaker for French, Creole and English audiences.

Her most recents publications are Louis Mercier, A la Reconquête de l’Idéal Haitien, Une voix d’hier pour aujourd’hui et demain and its translation, Louis Mercier, To Reconquer the Haitian Ideal, A Voice from Yesterday for Today and Tomorrow, both presented as author-in-signature on June 11, 2009, at “Livres en Folie,” Haiti’s 15th annual book fair, and La Mystique de la Citadelle/The Mystique of the Citadelle, Louis Mercier’s powerful study of this majestic monument.

I Want to Dance

Although, as you may have guessed, I love to dance, in this particular case, this book’s title and opening poem dedicated `
To the generations of our ‘foreign’ children, born wherever we have planted
‘temporary’ roots while waiting to go back home… “so our past doesn’t
become their future” (Elie Wiesel);

To the brave people who risked their lives to hide friends in danger; And to all those everywhere who have sacrificed themselves so others may have peace, freedom, and hope, is rather the rendering of a strong impulse to express life in its every aspect and manifestation for those who lost theirs in various violent ways.

From the opening on, it captures “the journey of a people from the darkness of a past…that keeps coming back to the ecstasy of the return of hope and the promise of a brighter future.”

Read them at random or one after the other, Like thieves in the night, In the land of dreams and of lies, Dog’s life, Guantanamo Boy, and so on, you will find them Powerful, Meaningful, Unforgettable. (MRA)


D’autres livres de ma collection -­‐ Other great readings from my collection:
Louis Mercier, A la Reconquête de l’Idéal Haitien: Une voix d’hier pour aujourd’hui et demain

“Tant qu’on n’aura pas relevé le niveau intellectuel, moral, matériel des masses rurales, il n’y aura aucun progrès véritable à envisager pour le peuple haïtien”

Louis Mercier, To Reconquer the Haitian Ideal: A voice from yesterday for today and tomorrow

“A country whose masses are immersed in ignorance and poverty cannot move forward”
Présentés comme auteure-­‐en-­‐signature à « Livres en Folie », Haiti, Juin 2009

La Mystique de la Citadelle/The Mystique of the Citadelle «La Citadelle demeure incontestablement le monument de la Liberté des hommes… Aucun miracle n’est impossible aux fils des vaillants constructeurs de la Citadelle» (Louis Mercier).

Si je n’avais que des regrets « Au pays des songes et des mensonges » et autres.

Ma mère, Nelly Mercier Rigaud, était la fille aînée de Louis Mercier, Grand Patriote, Historien, Journaliste, Secrétaire à la Légation de Washington, Directeur du Lycée Philippe Guerrier du Cap, orateur de grand talent, Guide passionné de la Citadelle et du Palais Sans-­‐Souci, «Une boule de feu » comme l’appelait Mme Vve George Marc, morte le 17 septembre 2014 à l’âge de 103 ans. Elle m’avait fait don d’une photo de mon grand-­‐père prise en 1942 avec le staff du Lycée, (Louis Mercier…Une voix d’hier…) et d’autres documents.

Henriot St-Gérard, MD

Monde du Vrai, du Vraisemblable, Monde de l’Imaginaire , du Fantasme, tour à tour
Amusant, Rafraîchissant,
Sérieux, Touchant, Provocateur, Choquant.

pour que nul n’oublie

Le présent nous déconnecte de plus en plus d’un quotidien passé que seul notre nostalgie maintient en vie. Nous acceptons bouch pa dou les changements que nous apportent les temps nouveaux car, pas question d’oublier le bon vieux temps… lè Ayiti te ayiti.

André Muzac, MD, FACS

As for me, Haitian I was born and Haitian I shall remain. As an integral part of Haitian Society,I am, of course, the product of the same avatars, weaknesses, and mentality that I am trying to change.

I, my relatives, my family and my friends, we all share some responsibilities for Haïti's problems. Nevertheless, as heirs to the same culture, we want to be part of the solution that addresses not only our daily contradictions, but also the negative images and derogatory epithets that have become attached to the name of our small beloved country.

It's time to give the lie to these unflattering stereotypes: logical analysis does not apply to Haiti; it is impossible to foresee and prevent anything related to Haiti; the element of surprise is like a curse in the daily life of Haitians; Haiti:"Terre Bon Dieu Bon", where "taking a chance" is always the proper attitude; Haiti:"Un drôle de petit pays" frozen in time and space.


This book focuses on the history of the Haitia n “ Art of Healing ” from the Pre-Columbian Period with the Taino Indians to today with the Haitian giants of Modern Medicine. This is a subject not well known by even most of the practicing Haitian physicians. It is not formally part of the curriculum at any of medical schools in Haiti. At the same time, the general public has knowledge about Herbal Medicine, the role of of Vaudoo and exorcism in the daily treatment of our compatriots .
The book is written in English in an attempt to reach young people of Haitian descent in the Diaspora

- Graduated from “Faculté de Médecine d’Haïti,” July 1960
- Six years of post graduate training in General Surgery in Montreal and NY
- Certified (1972) and recertified (1980) by American Board of Surgery.
- Fellow of American College of Surgeons (1973).
- Director of Surgery from 1976 to 1995 in Brooklyn, NY and Sullivan County, NY
- Member of AMHE from its foundation in 1972 up to the present.

New books

Where our culture , our way of living , our experiences and creative actions, our way to enter the learning and training system , our characteristics and behaviors in Society, are clearly defined for the young Haitians born in Diaspora; where our mentality, our way of thinking , represents a complexity of attitudes that reveals itself when individuals are facing problems or searching for solutions , when emotions override rational judgments.

Un essai d' autobiographie ( type " au gre de la memoire");
j'attache un resume de la conclusion ( le livre , toujours dedie a la jeunesse haitienne , est ecrit 50% en francais, et 50% en anglais ).



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